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Pharmacology: Gerben Borst

Borst, Gerben

Gerben Borst MD PhDGroup Leader

About Gerben Borst

Gerben Borst

In the preclinical setting our research group is focusing on optimizing the timing and duration of targeted agents in relation to the RT

These targeted agents involve the currently used radiosensitizers, and the more recently developed immunotherapy agents and agents targeting a specific factor that is involved in the radiotherapy response.

This research is executed in different models with the focus on glioblastoma patients. In addition we use also other models to uncover radiation escape and exploit new treatment strategies (e.g. breast cancer tumor models). It is our goal that with the knowledge of this preclinical research we can introduce novel treatment strategies in the clinic.   

In the clinical setting we study MRI based anatomical and functional characteristics and changes to guide our radiotherapy treatment delivery for patients with brain metastasis and glioblatoma. We also study the effect of changes on the dose coverage of the tumor to optimize the timing of the MRI and how to develop better radiotherapy treatment strategies to target this.

Clinical interests:  neuro-oncology; patients with primary brain tumors and brain metastasis.

In our group of preclinical, translational and clinical researchers we are following the bench to bedside approach and also bring clinically relevant questions into the lab. It is our goal to elucidate underlying mechanisms of treatment resistance, study new treatment strategies and ultimately  improve the treatment outcome of our patients.



Slangen, Paul

Paul Slangen

Ph.D. student


As a PhD student in the lab of dr. Gerben Borst, I investigate ways to radiosensitize central nervous system tumors by using targeted agents.

Before my career at the Netherlands Cancer Institute, I finished the Master's Program 'Biomolecular Sciences' at VU University in Amsterdam. For my Master's thesis, I studied the radiosensitization of glioblastoma cell lines by inhibition of the MAPK-pathway. This research was performed at the Neuro-Research group and Radiotherapy department of the VUMc Cancer Center Amsterdam.

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Geldorp van, Mariska

Mariska van Geldorp

Research technician


In October 2016 I started as a Research technician in the group of Gerben Borst. On the project we aim to study the irradiation induced tumoral changes to understand how to design targeted strategies killing more radioresistant subpopulations to improve radiotherapy outcome. A better understanding of the dynamics of these irradiation induced changes during treatment is needed to identify when during radiotherapy which of these factor(s) (reoxygenation, repopulation, redistribution, repair) determine the treatment outcome. Subsequently, the therapeutic window can be increased by the use of agents targeting these factors determining the radiotherapy outcome.

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  • Office manager

    Lara Spee

  • Telephone Number

    +31 20 512 2035

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