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Benjamin Rowland group

Rowland Benjamin Liggend

Benjamin Rowland

Group Leader

Personal details


Benjamin's research group investigates the mechanisms that provide structure to our genome. His group primarily focuses on the conserved protein complexes known as cohesin and condensin. During his PhD at the NKI, Benjamin studied cell cycle regulation by E2F transcription factors and the p53 pathway. He has investigated genome regulation by cohesin since he joined the laboratory of Kim Nasmyth as a postdoc at the University of Oxford. Here he studied the mechanism by which sister chromatid cohesion is established during DNA replication. Benjamin returned to the NKI in 2012 to start his own line of research. He now uses a multi-disciplinary approach to investigate chromosome organization by cohesin and condensin. He focuses on how these complexes structure the genome in interphase, and on how they shape chromosomes in mitosis to enable accurate cell division.

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