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Sedeño Cacciatore

Ángela Sedeño Cacciatore

PhD Student


Shortly after graduating in Biotechnology at the University of Zaragoza, I started my Master's in Cancer, Stem cells and Developmental Biology at Utrecht University. I did my first masters internship in the lab of Sander van den Heuvel, investigatingSwi/Snf regulators in C. elegans. During my masters, I developed an interest in bioinformatics and joined the group of Jeroen de Ridder for my second internship. Here I used bioinformatics tools to explore MC-4C data. 
Throughout this period I grew an interest in how the genome is regulated and organized within the nucleus. To pursue this interest, in 2018 I started my PhD in the group of Benjamin Rowland. Here I use bioinformatics to look into how cohesin, condensin and their regulators act to organize the genome within confined borders.

See Angela's publications on PubMed.