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List of past seminar speakers 2019 / 2020

Speakers spring 2020
Neta Erez
Nick Gilbert
Gaelle Legube
Anastassis Perrakis
Lotje Zuur

Webinars spring 2020
Bas van Steensel
Greg Hannon
Gerd Blobel
Richard Sherwood
Stefan Mundlos
Geert Kops

Speakers 2019
Andrea Alimonti
Ido Amit
Michal Besser
Christoph Bock
Carlos Caldas
Keith Caldecott
Gerard Evan
Sylvia Formenti
Susan Gasser
Thomas Gregor
James Haber
Hiroshi Kimura
Puck Knipscheer
Philip Kranzusch
Jason Locasale
Madelon Maurice
Nick Navin
Emmanuelle Passegué
Ze'ev Ronai
Matti Rookus
Davide Ruggero
Agnel Sfeir
Peter Sicinski
Arnoud Sonnenberg
Sohail Tavazoie
Nicolas Thomä
Andrew Wood











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