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Welcome by René Medema


It is my pleasure to welcome you to the website of the Netherlands Cancer Institute (Het Nederlands Kanker Instituut, NKI) and to introduce you to our mission. Cancer is affecting more and more people. It is obvious that it is the mission of The Netherlands Cancer Institute to reduce the burden imposed on so many by this devastating disease. We perform this mission in close collaboration with the Antoni van Leeuwenhoek hospital (AVL), a dedicated cancer hospital. NKI and AVL form an independent organization under one roof with one board of directors.

The NKI have been accredited the status of Comprehensive Cancer Center by the OECI.

We believe that we can fulfill our mission best by:

  • Conducting fundamental cancer research, translational research, as well as clinical, epidemiological, and psychosocial research of the highest quality.
  • Providing state-of-the-art diagnostics, treatment, and nursing care as well as designing and developing new promising treatments and improving existing ones.
  • Transfer of knowledge and skills through education and training of physicians, scientists and other professionals in the field of oncology.

Scientific research is the basis of better cancer treatment. For a century, the NKI has provided a rich intellectual environment that supports individual researchers and fosters collaborations among faculty members, clinicians, postdoctoral fellows, Ph.D. students, technicians, visiting scientists and trainees. A large number of non-Dutch scientists working at the Institute contribute to a stimulating and international atmosphere. The Institute provides state of the art support facilities, supervised by dedicated staff. The Institute has a large animal facility with a special unit for the generation of genetically modified mice, an animal histology and pathology department, an advanced digital microscopic facility, a genomics facility for deep sequence analysis, a biobank and molecular pathology facility, facilities for high throughput screening, robotics, peptide synthesis, flow cytometry and protein purification and characterization, and provides support on tech transfer, grant application and valorization.

We provide highly motivated scientists the opportunity to conduct cutting-edge research and be at the forefront of cancer research. Many new exciting discoveries lay ahead of us. As a renowned cancer institute, the NKI has the ambition to make substantial contributions to this important field, in the firm belief that this is in the best interest of cancer patients. I hope the information you find on our website transpires this ambition.

René Medema, Ph.D.
Professor of Experimental Oncology
Director of Research
Chairman of the Board of Directors

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